Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Picture

Thanksgiving this year was with the Days. We stayed in a Guest Ranch in Wyoming that weekend with many tournaments (which Spencer dominated in) including Ping Pong, Speed Pool, Football and many board games. We took pictures together as well. This was one of the best. It is fun trying to get six grandkids, ten adults and two grandparents to all smile at the same time.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Fourth Picture

Here is my fourth picture. This was Halloween. Kayla was Elmo, Nathaniel a red chili pepper and Spencer was a director, or a stuntman, or anything that didn't require a costume. We were at Dominic and Carrie's for their Halloween Party!!! That was a fun night!
I tag Danielle, Jenna, Mindy, and Aubrey
Rules: Pick the fourth picture in your fourth folder and tell about it.
Nathaniel has grown so much. I can hardly believe how big he is. He will make a great lineman someday. He has such a beautiful smile and laugh. He can melt anyones heart.
Kayla is such a girly girl. She loves purses, skirts and heels. Tea parties are fun and she also loves princesses. I am so lucky to have such a feminine daughter, who also likes to play rough with Daddy.