Friday, October 16, 2009


Definitely not!!! After my last post I received some comments asking if I was having twins. Well, last week I had an ultrasound, and I can calmly say, no, we are not having twins. Our tiny baby looked cute and healthy with a good heartbeat, and measuring a day ahead, so things seem to be going well. Kayla is convinced I will be having a girl. Her "sister" as she calls the baby. Kids are pretty in tune, so we will see how correct she is.

Have a great day!

Monday, October 5, 2009

And Baby makes five

Yes, I know that you may all be in shock, but, alas, it is true. Spencer and I are expecting baby #3. I have been sicker than my other two pregnancies put together, but I am hoping that will start to ease up. I just started my second trimester this week. I am now twelve weeks along, and I think I am starting to show a little. My mom spilled the beans before I did (that's okay mom). I have a difficult time keeping quiet about exciting news like this. But, I held strong through the first trimester, and here we are today. I think I will have a poll later on to see what you think the gender will be. I have some thoughts, but no dreams yet, so I am still mostly undecided.

We are all doing well. Nathaniel now goes up and down the steps like a pro. Kayla dances and sings all day like a princess. Spencer keeps us all alive and happy, and, well, I seem to be an okay incubator. Anyway, have a wonderful day.