Monday, June 1, 2009

Here is our little "Fairy Princess". Kayla loves to sing, dance, dress in pretty dresses, and just plain be a princess. She will lay down, close her eyes and wait for someone to kiss her awake. She can sing Sleeping Beauty's song "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream" and loves to sing and dance to any princess song.

One day she was very emotional and insisted that she was not Kayla, but that she was Belle. So, I asked her who I was. She said, "You're Sleeping Beauty" I then asked her who Daddy was. she wasn't sure, so I suggested Prince Phillip. She liked that. Then when I asked who the baby was, she said, matter of factly "Baby". However, now that she has thought of it. The Baby is now the Beast, her best friend.

Here is the love of my life. This handsome man allowed me to snap his picture, quite reluctantly. I loved that he wore the hat I got for him. He is so handsome.

We went to our first Baseball game as a family. Kayla was scared of the Bee, but thinks of him as her friend. I bet that if she saw him again she would be just as scared. It was a great game, a beautiful day, and a fun night.

Here is Spencer's team. He is an assistant coach for Hunter High School.
Now, for the summer team (called Automotive) He is the head coach. He loves it so much. He is a great leader and motivator for the youth. Now, whenever we pass Hunter High School, Kayla says, "Baseball". She has a great memory. She loves the games, especially making friends at the games. Nathaniel loves to sit on the grass and just be outside. He will learn soon enough all about the great American Past time.

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Jodi and Josh said...

I can't believe how big the kids are getting! So cute!!
Your decorating is awesome!! It looks like you guys are having fun!!