Monday, November 2, 2009


We had a fun Halloween. Kayla dressed up like Snow White, and Nathaniel dressed up like a cowboy. We did go trick-or-treating. We got quite a haul. we have discovered that Kayla is a Choc-o-holic. Everyday she gets a piece or two of candy. I ask what she wants, and she always says "Chocolate". When I say her chocolate is all gone. She just says. "I want Chocolate". She definitely doesn't get that from me.

We got some pictures taken last week, and we had a great time. we had three costume changes, and the kids were troopers. Thank you Aubrey for doing such a wonderful job.


Stacy Carroll said...

So cute!

BECKY said...

Wow, WAY CUTE pics!! Nathaniel is such a stud! Kayla is so beautiful!