Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I think I fell off the face of the earth. We have been truly blessed by kindness from everyone around us. Thank you to everyone for supporting us and helping us out.

Kayla is in Pre-School, and loving it. She has a great teacher, and Kayla is learning so much. I love to hear all that she learns, and her thoughts. The other day I unloaded the boys from the van, and Kayla was just sitting in her seat, and she didn't want to get out, because she was "thinking for a long time". She loves helping and singing and performing.

Nathaniel is enjoying coloring right now. I can often find him laying on the floor with a colored pencil and coloring on a piece of paper. He has turned into quite the helper, always trying to do what we ask him or his sister to do. His vocabulary is growing and growing everyday.

Tucker is such a cutie. His smile just makes you smile, and he is growing so fast. He now can sit up by himself. He loves to eat cereal, and play with toys. He has two teeth and is such a mellow kid.

Spencer and I are so happy to have such wonderful kids. They all bring such joy to our lives. We can't even believe how quickly they are growing.


Aubrey said...

I'm glad you're back! I heard the awesome news from Ray the other day-I'm SO happy for you guys!

BECKY said...

what's the news???
so glad to hear from you. your kids are beautiful!

Stacy Lynn Carroll said...

I've missed you! We need to hang out SOON! Your kids are super cute! And yeah, what's the news??