Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Well, it is a new year! We have had a great this year. We also had a very nice Christmas. The day before Christmas Eve we had our last annual Christmas party at Spencer's Grandparent's house. We sing and act out the Nativity, and have fun together. Christmas Eve we have dinner and Nativity at Grandparent's Day. During the program, Kayla played Mary, holding a teddy bear, and Nathaniel was a shepherd, herding my brother. Then, Kayla sang "Kangaroos Jump", and it was so cute. Christmas morning we woke up around 8:00, yay, I got sleep! Spencer put the Breakfast Casserole in the oven (which he made the day before while I was at work. Thank you Thank you). Kayla and Nathaniel were so cute finding their stockings on the couch from Santa. Santa brought them both a stick horse, and that was a very big hit! Kayla loved opening the presents, for everyone. Nathaniel didn't want to open the presents, he just wanted to play with the toys!!! He loved all his toys. After the presents were all opened, we ate breakfast, then played some more. We went to Grandparent's Lybbert for family pictures and a wonderful lunch. We had a great time with family. Then, we headed to Great-Grandparent's Day to say hi and wish them a happy day. By the end of the visit, we had two very tired children, and two worn out parents. We love the holidays and the time we can spend with family.

Spencer did the sweetest thing for me this year. I don't know how long it took him, but I think it would take a long time. I don't know if you have seen National Treasure, but that movie is about a treasure hunt. Spencer made my own treasure hunt this year. He had placed an envelope for me on the tree, to open Christmas Eve when the kids were asleep. Inside was a small piece of paper with burnt edges that said, "The secret lies with Middle C". So, after taking everything off the piano, I found the next clue taped to the hammer of Middle C. That led me to a wedding picture with a code on the back. I then had to find the correct letters from the "Family Proclomation" to get the next clue. This one led me to the kitchen table, and that clue led me to his tool bag. Needless to say, inside the beautifully wrapped box was a small jewelry box containing my own personal treasure. I have the sweetest most thoughtful husband in the world!

For New Year's Eve, Spencer and I made some chinese food. We had a great noodle dish and beef and broccoli. We ate with chop sticks, of course, and then went to bed before 10:00. We ring in the new year catching up on zzz's.

So, I want to wish you all a happy new year, and remember to set "easy" goals, and have fun with them.

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BECKY said...

If you have a second, do post pics of the kids with their presents and of your new treasure too... what a fun treasure hunt!!! Guess what... we're expecting too! I should post on my blog sometime. :) Happy New Year!!