Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February: a month of Birthdays

February is a big month in our home. Kayla's birthday is the fifth and Spencer's is the 14th. We had a birthday party for Kayla this year. Just a small get together with a few friends. We had a My Little Pony theme, and we had a good turn out. The girls colored a picture we taped to lunch bags for them to take their party favors home in. We ate home-made pizza, and watched a My Little Pony video, and just played with toys. We also decorated cupcakes to eat. One of the biggest hits was ring around the rosies. Each friend got to take home a bracelet, and a party balloon. Thanks to my mom for all of her help at the party. She is an amazing woman, picking up where I slacked.
Kayla was very gracious and thankful for all her gifts. It was rewarding to see her tell everyone thank you and give them a hug. She was truly spoiled by her friends and extended family. Thanks to everyone that made this, her third birthday such a special one.

Spencer is another year older, and even more fun! Turning 26 looks good on him. I just want him to know how much I love him, and support him in all that he sets out to do. He has truly found his passion working with the Hunter High Baseball Program. I see the joy that it brings him, and how much he gives to the program and the individual players. He takes them under his wing to help them improve and learn the skills they have inside of them. He is a great influence on them, and a great mentor. I am so proud of all the time he takes to help the individuals, and to let them know that they matter, and can make a difference in the world. Spencer is the most selfless person I know. He truly is a great example to me.

For Spencer's birthday, he got breakfast in bed. Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Fruit and Yogurt. Kayla and Nathaniel each carried their own plate up as well. I didn't know Nathaniel was bringing his up. I found hime one step from the top with his plate (food still on top). We had fun all eating on our bed. We had church, so we all got ready, and I got a roast ready. I am still learning some of the "easy" recipes that my mom has mastered, and roast is one of them. Our "beef jerky" roast was done too well, but was pretty tender. Spencer just relaxed and did what he wanted. He is such a great husband. He works so hard to support his family, and is such a great father. His children wait for him to come home, and can't get enough of his fun playing.


BECKY said...

SO FUN!!! Loved it all! I wish I was Kayla's friend so I could have watched My Little Pony. :) I see Miss Kate in there; so fun! Have you picked a name for Son #2?

Raylynk said...

What a fun Birthday party!! It's so neat that those high school boys have some one like your hubby:)

Stacy Carroll said...

Happy Birthday Kayla and Spencer! February birthdays are the best! ;)

JoLyn said...

Happy Birthday Kayla and Spencer!