Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pictures of the baby blessing

Here is our cute family at Tucker's blessing. I can still harldy believe we are a family of five! My kids are getting so big! Here is my Grandma holding Tucker. She cracks me up. She says she will only hold him if he is sleeping, but the second he starts crying, he goes back to his mom. He slept for a long time in his Great-Grandma's arms.

This picture makes me think of Mary Poppins, and my mom. "Tucker, close your mouth, we're not cod fish." I love this picture. So peaceful. This is the blanket my aunt made for Tucker's blessing. It is so cute!
Here is Kayla dancing with her cousin Christian. She thinks she is going to marry him, but I keep telling her she can't marry her cousin. But, they are sure cute friends.
Summer league has begun, and Spencer's team is 1-1, and have another game coming up. They looked awesome at their last game. Spencer sure loves coaching, and we love to go watch him. It is fun to see his team play, and see all the hard work and long hours he puts into the team, and to watch them progress.
Tucker is growing so much. He doubled his birth weight at two months, and is doing great. I did have to take him to Primary Children's Hospital for an ultrasound last week. Don't worry, everything is fine. His hip pops, so we were just making sure everything has grown properly. I was a little nervous, but we now know that he is just fine, and growing well.
Nathaniel is so smart. His vocabulary is growing everyday. He still loves to say BALL the most. He aslo says Doose (Juice), Gink(milk/drink), kay, hee go (here you go), Doe (NO!!) Yes, he now tells me No all the time. He loves to play and explore. His favorite thing at the park is usually to swing. He can swing the entire time.
Kayla is such a beautiful little lady. She surprises me every day with all that she learns. She usually comes out of her room already dressed for the day, and she usually does a great job picking outfits. She loves to color and draw, even on herself. I have to continually scold her for drawing on herself. I explained to her that her body is a temple, and we wouldn't color on the temple. That night in our family prayer, she blessed our bodies that are temples, that they won't get drawn on. Such a smart girl, and what a memory, too.


*Aliese* said...

Cute kiddos! The blanket your aunt made looks amazing.

BECKY said...

Quite possibly the cutest post ever. :) So fun to hear about your kids and how they're growing.

BECKY said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. :) And surprisingly, the car seat cover is the only thing that ISN'T animals!